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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH V6 4/4] x86/altp2m: fix display frozen when switching to a new view early

On 11/19/18 5:58 PM, George Dunlap wrote:
> On 11/17/18 6:58 PM, Razvan Cojocaru wrote:
>> On 11/16/18 9:50 PM, Razvan Cojocaru wrote:
>>> On 11/16/18 7:59 PM, George Dunlap wrote:
>>>> On the other hand, we want the logdirty rangesets to actually match the
>>>> host's rangesets; using altp2m->max_mapped_pfn for this is clearly
>>>> wrong. The easiest fix would be just to explicitly use the host's
>>>> max_mapped_pfn when calculating the clipping.  A more complete fix would
>>>> involve calculating two different ranges -- a "rangeset" range and a
>>>> "invalidate" range, the second of which would be clipped on altp2ms by
>>>> {min,max}_remapped_gfn.
>>>> Something like the attached (compile-tested only).  I'm partial to
>>>> having both patches applied, but I'd be open to arguments that we should
>>>> only use the first.
>>> Thanks! I haven't yet been able to think in depth about the logic, but I
>>> did manage to apply them. Just applying the first one allows me to set
>>> p2m->max_mapped_pfn = 0; without the ASSERT() crashing the hypervisor,
>>> and everything appears to work well.
>>> With both patches applies, the display remains frozen (things appear to
>>> behave - externally - in the same way as before the series).
>> Right, I know why the second patch keeps the display frozen. It's
>> because for altp2ms (where it matters most), the patch basically does
>> invalidate_start = max(invalidate_start, p2m->min_remapped_gfn) and
>> invalidate_end = min(invalidate_end, p2m->max_remapped_gfn).
>> However, as previously requested, I've now made p2m->max_remapped_gfn
>> begin life as 0 for altp2ms, and p2m->min_remapped_gfn is initialized to
>> INVALID_GFN, which is decimal 18446744073709551615. So we get
>> invalidate_end: 0, invalidate_start: 18446744073709551615,
>> invalidate_end < invalidate_start, resulting in nothing being done for
>> altp2ms, which is functionally back to square one.
> But this doesn't explain why my reasoning was wrong; and it's always
> dangerous to use a system whose behavior you don't really understand,
> even if it seems to work.
> It turns out I'd made a mistake in saying that altp2m->max_mapped_pfn ==
> alt2m->max_remapped_gfn.  The first is the highest gfn present in the
> altp2m, either copied from the hostp2m or changed; the second is the
> highest value changed (via p2m_altp2m_change_gfn()).
> What about using the attached patch instead?

The attached patch does work, thanks! Shall I append them both to the
end of the series and send out V7?


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