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[Xen-devel] [PATCH V9 0/7] Fix VGA logdirty related display freezes with altp2m

This series aims to prevent the display from freezing when
enabling altp2m and switching to a new view (and assorted problems
when resizing the display).

The series introduces p2m_{init,free}_logdirty(), allocates a new
logdirty rangeset for each new altp2m, and  propagates (under lock)
changes to all p2ms.

[PATCH V9 1/7] x86/mm: introduce p2m_{init,free}_logdirty()
[PATCH V9 2/7] x86/p2m: switch global_logdirty from bool_t to bool
[PATCH V9 3/7] x86/p2m: allocate logdirty_ranges for altp2ms
[PATCH V9 4/7] x86/p2m: refactor p2m_reset_altp2m()
[PATCH V9 5/7] x86/altp2m: fix display frozen when switching to a new view early
[PATCH V9 6/7] p2m: Always use hostp2m when clipping rangesets
[PATCH V9 7/7] p2m: change_range_type: Only invalidate mapped gfns


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