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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/2] x86emul: AVX512 fix+improvement

I admit I should probably have got around to run afl on the whole lot
earlier. It has spotted the issue addressed in patch 1 as well as a
few more in the pending v6 series. Most (including the one here)
would have been caught by the exception recovery logic on the
stubs, but one (in the gather patch additions to GPR decoding)
would have been an array overrun in release builds (even if just
one by up to 24 entries, i.e. not unbounded). As of yet I'm
undecided whether to send out v6.1 for the affected patches or
wait for review feedback before sending out a full v7.

1: fix vector-length check for AVX512F scalar fused-multiply-add insns
2: slightly alter AVX512 exception checking conditionals


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