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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v4 6/6] x86/microcode: Synchronize late microcode loading

>>> On 11.12.18 at 19:16, <ashok.raj@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> BTW: Apart from the fact its ugly and take a loooong time to complete, do you
> have any practical isssues you want to highlight? maybe that can 
> help upstream as well.

The situation for a kernel and a hypervisor might be different here
(but in the Linux case may then be more hypervisor-like when
considering KVM): The hypervisor needs to make sure in particular
time management within guests won't break. Stopping the
machine for an extended period of time may not be helpful there.
For processes in an OS the constraints might not be as tight, but
I could imaging problems even there in some less common cases.

That said, I'm not convinced at all it is a good idea to load new
ucode while _any_ guests are running, but we're talking about a
last resort approach here anyway.


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