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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen (both x86 and Arm) Community Call: Jan 9 - 16:00 - 17:00 UTC - Call for Agenda Items

On 03/01/2019 15:28, Lars Kurth wrote:
> Hi all,
> based on Stefano's and Julien's suggestion that it may make sense to merge 
> the x86 and arm calls, I am willing to try. It also makes sense this time in 
> particular because we are approaching freeze time.
> As per request the meeting is 1 hour later than normal. Also, because there 
> were NO attendees from China on the last 3 calls. For Chinese attendees: if 
> you plan to attend, please confirm you are attending and we can discuss 
> moving the meeting to earlier.
> @Juergen, @Jan: we can discuss the timing of future meetings going forward if 
> 17:00-18:00 is a problem for you.
> Please propose topics by either editing the running agenda document at 
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ufv9XcQO0zIAVeFbFCAHAeEIB9Ap4Y4srAm4vI8I01I/edit#
>  or by replying to the mail. Ideally by next Tuesday!

I'd like to discuss status of the current pending patch series:

Series                               Author                 Status
Per-cpu tasklet                      Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk  ->4.13?
Improvements to domain creation (v2) Andrew Cooper          ?
Argo (inter-VM communication) (v3)   Christopher Clark      ?
Core aware sched (RFC v1)            Dario Faggioli         ->4.13?
Core aware sched credit2 (RFC v1)    Dario Faggioli         ->4.13?
x86 instr emulator add AVX512 (v7)   Jan Beulich            finished?
HVM guest CPU topology support (RFC) Chao Gao               ->4.13?
Intel Trace virt. enabling (v1)      Luwei Kang             ->4.13?
Linux stub domains (RFC v2)          Marek Marczykowski-G.  ->4.13?
qemu deprivilege (v4)                George Dunlap          finished?
Improve late microcode loading (v4)  Chao Gao               ?
Fixes to #DB injection               Andrew Cooper          ->4.13?
CPUID/MSR Xen/toolstack improvements Andrew Cooper          ->4.13?
Improvements to domain_crash()       Andrew Cooper          ->4.13?
Fix VGA logdirty with altp2m (v11)   Razvan Cojocaru        ?
dom0less (v4)                        Stefano Stabellini     ?
Implement Set/Way operations (RFC)   Julien Grall           ?
TEE mediator support in XEN (v2)     Volodymyr Babchuk      ?


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