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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v5 2/4] xen/arm: use SYMBOL when required

>>> On 03.01.19 at 20:19, <sstabellini@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Use SYMBOL in cases of comparisons and subtractions of:
> _start, _end, __init_begin, __init_end,  __2M_text_end,
> __2M_rodata_start, __2M_rodata_end, __2M_init_start,__2M_init_end,
> __2M_rwdata_start, __2M_rwdata_end, _stext, _etext, _srodata, _erodata,
> __end_vpci_array, __start_vpci_array, _sinittext, _einittext,
> _stextentry, _etextentry, __start_bug_frames, __stop_bug_frames_0,
> __stop_bug_frames_1, __stop_bug_frames_2,__stop_bug_frames_3,
> __note_gnu_build_id_start, __note_gnu_build_id_end, __start___ex_table,
> __stop___ex_table, __start___pre_ex_table, __stop___pre_ex_table,
> __lock_profile_start, __lock_profile_end, __param_start,
> __param_end, __setup_start, __setup_end, __initcall_start,
> __initcall_end, __presmp_initcall_end, __trampoline_rel_start,
> __trampoline_rel_stop, __trampoline_seg_start, __trampoline_seg_stop
> __alt_instructions, __alt_instructions_end, __ctors_start, __ctors_end,
> __end_schedulers_array, __start_schedulers_array, __bss_start,
> __bss_end, __per_cpu_start, __per_cpu_data_end, _splatform, _eplatform,
> _sdevice, _edevice, _asdevice, _aedevice, __proc_info_start,
> __proc_info_end, _sdtb

Didn't you go a little too far with copy-and-paste here? I don't think
all of the symbols really exist in Arm (and similarly in the x86 instance
I think there are some Arm-only symbols).


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