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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v3 09/15] argo: implement the sendv op; evtchn: expose send_guest_global_virq

>>> On 10.01.19 at 13:01, <royger@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 10, 2019 at 4:10 AM Christopher Clark 
> <christopher.w.clark@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> The second reason is about avoiding exposing the Xen virtual memory
>> allocator directly to frequent guest-supplied size requests for
>> contiguous regions (of up to 16GB).
> As said in another reply, I'm not sure allowing 16GB rings is safe.
> The amount of internal memory required to track such rings is not
> trivial given the arrays to store the mfns, the pages, and the virtual
> mappings.
>> With single-page allocations to
>> build a ring, fragmentation is not a problem, and mischief by a guest
>> seems difficult.
> Hm, there's still a lot of big dynamic memory allocations in order to
> support a 16GB ring, which makes me think that virtual address space
> is not the only problem if you allow 16GB rings.
>> Changing it to issue requests for contiguous regions,
>> with variable ring sizes up to the maximum of 16GB, it seems like
>> significant fragmentation may be achievable. I don't know the
>> practical impact of that but it seems worth avoiding. Are the other
>> users of __vmap (or vmap) for multi-gigabyte regions only either
>> boot-time, infrequent operations (livepatch), or for actions by
>> privileged (ie. somewhat trusted) domains (ioremap), or is it already
>> a frequent operation somewhere else?
> I haven't checked, but I would be quite surprised to find any vmap
> usage with such size (16GB). Maybe someone more familiar with the mm
> subsystem can provide some insight here.

And indeed the vmap range reserved in VA space is just 64GB (on
x86) at present.

>> Given the context above, and Jason's simplification to the
>> memcpy_to_guest_ring function, plus the imminent merge freeze
>> deadline, and the understanding that this loop and the related data
>> structures supporting it have been tested and are working, would it be
>> acceptable to omit making this contiguous mapping change from this
>> current series?
> My opinion would be to just use vmap if it works, because that IMO
> greatly simplifies the code by being able to have the whole ring
> mapped at all the time. It would remove the iteration to copy
> requests, and remove the usage of ring_map_page everywhere. That would
> be my recommendation code-wise, but as said above someone more
> familiar with the mm subsystem might have other opinion's about how to
> deal with accesses to 16GB of guest memory, and indeed your iterative
> solution might be the best approach.

No-one can allocate 16GB physically contiguous memory.


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