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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH RFC v1] x86/emulate: Send vm_event form emulate

>>> Newline.
>>>> +    default:
>>>> +        return false;
>>>> +    }
>>> I'm not sure the switch is needed, you can't have a PFEC_write_access
>>> for example if the p2m type is p2m_access_w or p2m_access_rw, hence it
>>> seems like it could be simplified to only take the pfec into account?
>> It is possible to have PFEC_write_access and p2m_access_w but then there
>> is no violation and the event will not be sent.
> I'm not sure I follow. PFEC is a way to signal a page fault, hence it
> would make no sense to for example get PFEC_write_access if the access
> is p2m_access_w?
Yes, normally pfec (page fault error code) does what the name implies 
but in this case the pfec var is constructed in the caller function.

Let's take for example hvmemul_write() pfec here has always 
PFEC_write_access so every emulated write will have this no matter if is 
a fault or not and that is what I am checking. If in fact there is a 
fault then the event is sent.


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