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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH for-4.12] arm/p2m: do not invalidate p2m root if it is shared with IOMMU

Hello Julien,

Actually I was going to send this patch as RFC, but dropped it at the last 

On 28.01.19 17:55, Julien Grall wrote:
This was missed on purpose. Let me explain why. The call to 
p2m_invalidate_root() arch_domain_creation_finished is called by *all* the 
domain at boot to try to optimize the set/way case.

The check iommu_use_hap_pt in that context is to prevent guest not using 
Set/Way to become unusable under the IOMMU use-case.

In your case, you seem to have a guest OS using set/way and yet sharing the P2M 
with the IOMMU. You have the choice between:
     1) Crashing on IOMMU fault
     2) Become very slow and potentially unusable because you now have to go 
through the full P2M every time you do a Set/Way.

1) was my favored option because Set/Way should really not be used by the 
guest. It was implemented by courtesy to the guest OS and I would not rely on 
everything working.

Can you explain what is your use-case (OS used, IOMMU, platform...)
Yep, I'm nearly finished moving our development setup to XEN 4.12-rc.
The platform is R-Car Gen3 (CA57+CA53), Renesas'es IOMMU named IPMMU is 
utilized for all peripherals assigned to DomD and GPU shared between DomD and 
Three OS'es are running on the HW: HW-less Dom0, driver domain DomD with GPU 
sharing, Android running on PV drivers and GPU sharing.
So on system start (DomD booting) I see few translation faults from DomD only 
assigned peripherals. But then Android starts and there are lot of translation 
faults from GPU trying access DomA memory. Then GPU FW dies.

Andrii Anisov.

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