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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/9] XSA-292 follow-up

Various CR3 and PCID related adjustments, first and foremost
an almost full re-write of switch_cr3_cr4() (in patch 2).

1: x86: adjust cr3_pcid() return type
2: x86: limit the amount of TLB flushing in switch_cr3_cr4()
3: x86/mm: honor opt_pcid also for 32-bit PV domains
4: x86/HVM: move NOFLUSH handling out of hvm_set_cr3()
5: x86/HVM: refuse CR3 loads with reserved (upper) bits set
6: x86/HVM: relax shadow mode check in hvm_set_cr3()
7: x86/HVM: cosmetics to hvm_set_cr3()
8: x86/CPUID: drop INVPCID dependency on PCID
9: x86: PCID is unused when !PV


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