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Re: [Xen-devel] preparations for 4.11.2

Andrew Cooper writes ("Re: [Xen-devel] preparations for 4.11.2"):
> In addition,


==== wanting discussion: ====

> 365aabb6e502 "tools/libxendevicemodel: add
> xendevicemodel_modified_memory_bulk to map" is possibly a candidate, but
> is also complicated by the stable SONAME.  It is perhaps easiest to
> ignore, seeing as the issue has already gone unnoticed for 2 years.

We would be bumping the minor version.  I think it is ABI compatible.
So I am inclined to backport this one but I haven't done so yet.

> 129025fe3093 "oxenstored: Don't re-open a xenctrl handle for every
> domain introduction"

Can you justify how this is a bugfix ?  It doesn't seem like backport
material to me.

> 7b20a865bc10 "tools/ocaml: Release the global lock before invoking block
> syscalls"

This *really* doesn't look like a bugfix, let alone a backport
candidate !  Removing a lock for performance reasons !

> c393b64dcee6 "tools/libxc: Fix issues with libxc and Xen having
> different featureset lengths"

The compatibility implications here are not clearly spelled out in the
commit message.  AFAICT, after this commit, the effect is:
  - new tools will work with old hypervisor
  - old tools will not necessariloy work with old hypervisor
I assume that we are talking here about old and new code with the same
Xen version, eg as a result of a security fix.

The previous behaviour, ie, what happens without this patch, is not
entirely clear to me.

> 82855aba5bf9 "tools/libxc: Fix error handling in get_cpuid_domain_info()"

This might break some callers, mightn't it ?  What callers ?  Or is
there an argument that there aren't callers which will be broken ?

==== done: ====

> 2ec5339ec921 "tools/libxl: correct vcpu affinity output with sparse
> physical cpu map"

Backported to 4.11 and 4.10.

> 48dab9767d2e "tools/xl: use libxl_domain_info to get domain type for
> vcpu-pin"

Backported to 4.12, 4.11, 4.10.


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