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Re: [Xen-devel] Running xenstored in Linux stubdom

On 04.09.19 17:45, Daniel Smith wrote:

I am attempting to see if I can get xenstored to run within a Linux
stubdom for a variety of reasons. The way I have it constructed at
this point is that embedded within the initramfs of dom0 is the linux
stubdom image along with the init-xenstore-domain helper. The init
script within the initramfs does basic Linux start setup, launches
udev and then attempts to start the stubdom using the helper binary.
The helper binary hangs and using strace shows the last calls before
hanging is,

write(3, "/tool/xenstored/domid\0:, 22) = 22
write(3, "1", 1)                                      = 1

For the stubdom itself, its init script does the basic Linux start
setup and then executes xenstored in foreground. I have tested the
stubdom as a regular guest passing the --no-domain-init flag and I see
no issues with the domain starting and launching xenstored.

For a point of reference, I have been able to successfully use the
minios stubdom in place of the Linux stubdom. I have been reviewing
the minios version to see what I might be missing in the LInux version
to no avail. Perhaps others may have insight on what the issue may be.

The stubdom gets an event channel to use for dom0 xenbstore connection
via commandline parameter ("--event <event-nr>"). This needs to be used
in the stubdom for setting up the communication path.


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