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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 5/8] tools/libxc: Rework xc_cpuid_set() to use {get, set}_cpu_policy()

On 11.09.2019 22:05, Andrew Cooper wrote:
> The purpose of this change is to stop using xc_cpuid_do_domctl(), and to stop
> basing decisions on a local CPUID instruction.  This is not an appropriate way
> to construct policy information for other domains.
> Obtain the host and domain-max policies from Xen, and mix the results as
> before.  Provide rather more error logging than before.

And this passing through of host values is meant to stay long
term? Shouldn't this rather be passing through of max-policy
values, with max-policy long term wider than default-policy? The
change itself looks good to me, but before giving my R-b I'd
like to understand this aspect.


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