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[Xen-devel] bug: unable to LZ4 decompress ub1910 installer kernel when launching domU

Hello xen-devel,


shows my traces from a healthy CentOS 8, xen-4.12.1 dom0 when trying
to launch a pv install of the newly released ub1910. The source is a
block-attached ISO and the kernel/ramdisk was copied off locally.

Iso is named, eoan-live-server-amd64.iso.

There is also a kernel pair here

which behaves the same.

The `LZ4 decompress error` happened with other dom0, including
xen-4.13~rc1 on Buster.

ub1910 dom0 test
My goal with this domU install was to prepare a golden image for Eoan
dom0. I had trouble testing a fresh ub1910 build of xen-4.12.1 on a
good bare-metal install. The only doubt I had was the
`do-release-upgrade -d` from ub1904.

My new hypervisor would not even start in ub1910 and I got an install boot-loop.

 ##xen-packaging on Freenode

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