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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v2 16/22] golang/xenlight: implement keyed union C to Go marshaling

> It actually occurs to me that the "named struct elements of union" would
> still technically open up a window for divergence: i.e., if somehow the
> type of the named struct didn't match up with the union element.
> I.e., the following *shouldn't* happen, but technically it *could*:
> ----
> struct libxl_domain_build_info_union_hvm {
>  ...
> }
> struct libxl_domain_build_info {
>   union {
>     libxl_domain_struct_build_info_hvm2 hvm;
>   } u;
> }
> ---
> Using the `typeof` trick above guarantees that the types the marshaling
> functions are using are identical to the types actually specified in the
> union itself.  Particularly as this is just generated code nobody's
> going to look at, I'm inclined to think the cost is near-zero.  Since
> the benefit is non-zero, I'd be inclined to say just go with that instead.
> And it's easier!
> Thoughts?

In that case I'll just use the typeof trick :)


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