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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v6 1/6] libxl: add infrastructure to track and query 'recent' domids

Durrant, Paul writes ("RE: [PATCH v6 1/6] libxl: add infrastructure to track 
and query 'recent' domids"):
> Not being co-located makes this somewhat tricky; I think it will basically 
> still come down to me writing some code and then you saying whether that's 
> what you meant... unless you can write some (pseudo-)code to illustrate? I 
> think, from what you say below, I might now have a better idea of what you 
> want so let's have one more go-around of me writing the code first :-)


> [Ian:]
> > I think the path needs to be passed into these functions.  This is why
> > I think the functions need to take a struct* as an argument, for their
> > shared state (including the path and the other stuff).
> Ok, if that's the style you prefer I'll re-structure it that way.

My bottom line on this aspect of code structure is that I want each
thing to be written only once.


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