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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v7 01/11] qapi/error: add (Error **errp) cleaning APIs

On 2/21/20 3:20 AM, Vladimir Sementsov-Ogievskiy wrote:

+static inline void warn_report_errp(Error **errp)
+    assert(errp && *errp);
+    warn_report_err(*errp);
+    *errp = NULL;
   * Just like error_setg(), except you get to specify the error class.
   * Note: use of error classes other than ERROR_CLASS_GENERIC_ERROR is

These appear to be unused apart from the Coccinelle script in PATCH 03.

They are used in the full "[RFC v5 000/126] error: auto propagated
local_err" series.  Options:

1. Pick a few more patches into this part I series, so these guys come
    with users.

It needs some additional effort for this series.. But it's possible. Still,
I think that we at least should not pull out patches which should be in
future series (for example from ppc or block/)..

2. Punt this patch to the first part that has users, along with the
    part of the Coccinelle script that deals with them.

But coccinelle script would be wrong, if we drop this part from it. I think, that after commit which adds coccinelle script, it should work with any file,
not only subset of these series.

So, it's probably OK for now to drop these functions, forcing their addition if coccinelle script will be applied where these functions are needed. We can, for
example comment these three functions.

Splitting coccinelle script into two parts, which will be in different series will
not help any patch-porting processes.

Splitting the coccinelle script across multiple patches is actually quite reviewable, and still easy to backport. Consider this series by Philippe:


which makes multiple additions to scripts/coccinelle/exec_rw_const.cocci over the course of the series.

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