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Re: [PATCH] timeout: adjust timeout when running nested tests

Roger Pau Monne writes ("[PATCH] timeout: adjust timeout when running nested 
>  sub target_adjust_timeout ($$) {
>      my ($ho,$timeoutref) = @_; # $ho might be a $gho
> +    my $nestinglvl = $ho->{NestingLevel} || $ho->{Host}{NestingLevel};

I think this wannts to be // not ||.  If you agree I will fix this up
and commit.

Since what this does otherwise is to take all baremetal hosts and give
them an empty Host hash due to autovivification.

> +    if ($nestinglvl) {
> +        $adjust->(1 << $nestinglvl, "nesting level");
> +    }

I still think the use of << is very odd and I can't resist moaning
about it.  But you're the patch author so I will let you choose the
style here.




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