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Re: [PATCH 1/5] xen/common: introduce a new framework for save/restore of 'domain' context

On 02.04.2020 16:00, Paul Durrant wrote:
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>> From: Jan Beulich <jbeulich@xxxxxxxx>
>> Sent: 02 April 2020 12:08
>> Considering the situation with event channels (all closed), doing
>> what you do for the shared info page is probably going to be fine;
>> large parts of it are in a known state (or need re-filling on the
>> destination) anyway. What other plans do you have for non-LU
>> migration wrt this new infrastructure?
> Well, as discussed above, event channels are one, then there's the grant 
> table. The downstream code as a record for the wallclock but I think the RTC 
> covers that now that added the code to preserve the offset. We also have 
> records for vcpu timers and runstate, but I'm not convinced we actually need 
> those.

Timers may need preserving, but runstate may be avoidable. Depends
on whether the accumulation in time[4] is fine to start from zero
again after (transparent) migration.

>> If the shared info page is
>> all that's going to get migrated with its help, I'd wonder whether
>> the infrastructure wasn't better conditional upon a LU config
>> option, and the shared info migration was left as it is now.
> The shared info is also migrated for HVM guests so it would have meant moving 
> the mapping code around anyway, thus it seems sensible to use the new domain 
> context for that for PV guests in their normal migration stream anyway.

Hmm, okay - I'll see to get to look at the actual code then.




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