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Re: [PATCH 1/5] xen/common: introduce a new framework for save/restore of 'domain' context

On 06.04.2020 12:34, Paul Durrant wrote:
>>> Do you think this should also appear in a comment? Do we really care? 
>>> Nothing fundamentally prevents
>> the mechanism being used for HVM state, but that may introduce an ordering 
>> dependency.
>> I don't particularly like the idea to let the contributor decide where
>> "HVM context" or as part of the "Domain context".
>> This is  going to result to unwanted dependency and possibly
>> bikeshedding on where they should be saved.
>> My preference would be to mark the existing framework as deprecated and
>> force all the new states to be saved as part of the new "Domain Context".
> I'm ok with that. Any others have any opinion to the contrary?

Well, not in principle, but I won't have a firm opinion until I've
actually looked at (relevant parts of) the patches.




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