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Re: [XEN PATCH] libxc/migration: Abort migration on precopy policy request

On 07/04/2020 23:06, Panyakin, Andrew wrote:
> On 4/7/20 10:22 PM, Wei Liu wrote:
>>> +        PERROR("Abort precopy loop");
>>> +        rc = -1;
>>> +        goto out;
>> There is no need to have "goto out" here.
> I was considering two more examples of "goto out" in a branch right before 
> the label:
> - send_domain_memory_nonlive,
> - send_domain_memory_live.
> Isn't it done this way to simplify the function extension: you won't need to 
> add "goto out" to previous branch when adding new code?

I'd recommend leaving the goto out like this.  Less effort for the next
person editing this code to think about.

>> These can be fixed easily while committing, so no need to resend yet. I
>> will give other people a chance to comment.

None of the copy policy was done well.  If Amazon have a usecase then
lets put it in.  (Talking of - I wonder why XenServer's usecase hasn't
tripped over this...  This was put into to help negotiate two live
streams at once, but this is an error case which surely ought to trigger.)




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