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[PATCH 0/4] More wrappers for xenlight Go package

This series adds wrappers to the xenlight package for various libxl
functions, which are now trivial to add with the generated types and
marshaling helpers. In particular, these are functions that would allow 
redctl to begin making the transition to using the xenlight package. For
reference, I have started an experimental branch where I am using these
functions in redctl [1].


Nick Rosbrook (4):
  golang/xenlight: add NameToDomid and DomidToName util functions
  golang/xenlight: add DeviceNicAdd/Remove wrappers
  golang/xenlight: add DevicePciAdd/Remove wrappers
  golang/xenlight: add DeviceUsbdevAdd/Remove wrappers

 tools/golang/xenlight/xenlight.go | 125 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 125 insertions(+)




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