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Re: xenoprof

On 13.03.2020 18:28, Paul Durrant wrote:
>   I'm trying to determine the status of HYPERVISOR_xenoprof_op. The code 
> behind it appears to be unmaintained and I cannot find any
> support statement for it. Googling around finds some mentions of Xen and 
> oprofile but it's not clear whether it works and most
> references I find are quite old. Is it time to remove it?

Well, in the course of XSA-313 inside the security team we asked
ourselves the same, but came to the conclusion that we're better
off keeping it, probably. But clarifying its status in SUPPORT.md
would likely be a good idea. We may want to go as far as
removing security support from it, which then imo ought to be
accompanied by changing its Kconfig option to default-off. The
effect of doing such on older, in particular no longer fully
maintained releases is unclear to me though.




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