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[PATCH v7 00/11] x86emul: further work

At least the RDPRU patches is still at least partly RFC. I'd
appreciate though if at least some of the series could go in
rather sooner than later. Note in particular that there's no
strong ordering throughout the entire series, i.e. certain
later parts could be arranged for to go in earlier. This is
also specifically the case for what is now the last patch.

 1: x86emul: disable FPU/MMX/SIMD insn emulation when !HVM
 2: x86emul: support MOVDIR{I,64B} insns
 3: x86emul: support ENQCMD insn
 4: x86emul: support SERIALIZE
 5: x86emul: support X{SUS,RES}LDTRK
 6: x86emul: support FNSTENV and FNSAVE
 7: x86emul: support FLDENV and FRSTOR
 8: x86emul: support FXSAVE/FXRSTOR
 9: x86/HVM: scale MPERF values reported to guests (on AMD)
10: x86emul: support RDPRU
11: x86/HVM: don't needlessly intercept APERF/MPERF/TSC MSR reads

Main changes from v6 are, besides three new patches and some
re-ordering, the integration into this series of what is now
patch 1 (for later patches now depending even more heavily on
it), and the dropping (for the time being) of the MCOMMIT one.




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