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use of "stat -"


now that I've been able to do a little bit of work from the office
again, I've run into a regression from b72682c602b8 "scripts: Use
stat to check lock claim". On one of my older machines I've noticed
guests wouldn't launch anymore, which I've tracked down to the
system having an old stat on it. Yes, the commit says the needed
behavior has been available since 2009, but please let's not forget
that we continue to support building with tool chains from about

Putting in place and using newer tool chain versions without
touching the base distro is pretty straightforward. Replacing the
coreutils package isn't, and there's not even an override available
by which one could point at an alternative one. Hence I think
bumping the minimum required versions of basic tools should be
done even more carefully than bumping required tool chain versions
(which we've not dared to do in years). After having things
successfully working again with a full revert, I'm now going to
experiment with adapting behavior to stat's capabilities. Would
something like that be acceptable (if it works out)?




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