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Re: [PATCH v3 2/2] x86/idle: prevent entering C6 with in service interrupts on Intel

On Mon, May 18, 2020 at 05:05:12PM +0200, Jan Beulich wrote:
> [CAUTION - EXTERNAL EMAIL] DO NOT reply, click links, or open attachments 
> unless you have verified the sender and know the content is safe.
> On 15.05.2020 15:58, Roger Pau Monne wrote:
> > --- a/docs/misc/xen-command-line.pandoc
> > +++ b/docs/misc/xen-command-line.pandoc
> > @@ -652,6 +652,15 @@ Specify the size of the console debug trace buffer. By 
> > specifying `cpu:`
> >  additionally a trace buffer of the specified size is allocated per cpu.
> >  The debug trace feature is only enabled in debugging builds of Xen.
> >  
> > +### disable-c6-errata
> Hmm, yes please - a disable for errata! ;-)
> How about "avoid-c6-errata", and then perhaps as a sub-option to
> "cpuidle="? (If we really want a control for this in the first
> place.)

Right, I see I'm very bad at naming. Not sure it's even worth it

I can remove it completely from the patch if that is OK.

Thanks, Roger.



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