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Re: [PATCH] x86/traps: Rework #PF[Rsvd] bit handling

On 19.05.2020 17:33, Andrew Cooper wrote:
> On 19/05/2020 15:48, Jan Beulich wrote:
>> On 19.05.2020 16:11, Andrew Cooper wrote:
>>> Given that shadow frames are limited to 44 bits anyway (and not yet
>>> levelled safely in the migration stream), my suggestion for fixing this
>>> was just to use one extra nibble for the extra 4 bits and call it done.
>> Would you remind(?) me of where this 44-bit restriction is coming
>> from?
> From paging_max_paddr_bits(),
> /* Shadowed superpages store GFNs in 32-bit page_info fields. */

Ah, that's an abuse of the backlink field. After some looking
around I first thought the up field could be used to store the
GFN instead, as it's supposedly used for single-page shadows
only. Then however I found

static inline int sh_type_has_up_pointer(struct domain *d, unsigned int t)
    /* Multi-page shadows don't have up-pointers */
    if ( t == SH_type_l1_32_shadow
         || t == SH_type_fl1_32_shadow
         || t == SH_type_l2_32_shadow )
        return 0;
    /* Pinnable shadows don't have up-pointers either */
    return !sh_type_is_pinnable(d, t);

It's unclear to me in which way SH_type_l1_32_shadow and
SH_type_l2_32_shadow are "multi-page" shadows; I'd rather have
expected all three SH_type_fl1_*_shadow to be. Tim?

In any event there would be 12 bits to reclaim from the up
pointer - it being a physical address, there'll not be more
than 52 significant bits.




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