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[PATCH 00/10] fix swiotlb-xen for RPi4

Hi all,

This series is a collection of fixes to get Linux running on the RPi4 as

Conceptually there are only two significant changes:

- make sure not to call virt_to_page on vmalloc virt addresses (patch
- use phys_to_dma and dma_to_phys to translate phys to/from dma
  addresses (all other patches)

In particular in regards to the second part, the RPi4 is the first
board where Xen can run that has the property that dma addresses are
different from physical addresses, and swiotlb-xen was written with the
assumption that phys addr == dma addr.

This series adds the phys_to_dma and dma_to_phys calls to make it work.





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