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[PATCH v2 0/7] x86: compat header generation and checking adjustments

As was pointed out by 0e2e54966af5 ("mm: fix public declaration of
struct xen_mem_acquire_resource"), we're not currently handling structs
correctly that have uint64_aligned_t fields. Patch 2 demonstrates that
there was also an issue with XEN_GUEST_HANDLE_64().

Only the 1st patch was previously sent, but the approach chosen has
been changed altogether. All later patches are new. For 4.14 I think
at least patch 1 should be considered.

1: x86: fix compat header generation
2: x86/mce: add compat struct checking for XEN_MC_inject_v2
3: x86/mce: bring hypercall subop compat checking in sync again
4: x86/dmop: add compat struct checking for 
5: x86: generalize padding field handling
6: flask: drop dead compat translation code
7: x86: only generate compat headers actually needed




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