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Re: [PATCH] x86emul: avoid assembler warning about .type not taking effect in test harness

On 07.07.2020 11:35, Jan Beulich wrote:
> gcc 9.3 started to re-order top level blocks by default when optimizing.
> This re-ordering results in all our .type directives to get emitted to
> the assembly file first, followed by gcc's. The assembler warns about
> attempts to change the type of a symbol when it was already set (and
> when there's no intervening setting to "notype").

Turns out this wasn't a gcc change - the problem had been there all the
time, it just went through silently. It was the newer gas that I built
gcc 9.3 with that caused to issue to become visible. I've slightly
updated the description to account for this.




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