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[PATCH 0/8] x86: build adjustments

This is in part a just loosely connected set of changes in particular
aiming at further shim binary reduction.

Patch 3 depends functionally (but not contextually in any way) on the
previously submitted "x86/shadow: dirty VRAM tracking is needed for
HVM only". But I could imagine anyway that this ends up being the most
controversial part of the series.

1: x86/EFI: sanitize build logic
2: x86: don't build with EFI support in shim-exclusive mode
3: x86: shrink struct arch_{vcpu,domain} when !HVM
4: Arm: prune #include-s needed by domain.h
5: bitmap: move to/from xenctl_bitmap conversion helpers
6: x86: move domain_cpu_policy_changed()
7: x86: move cpu_{up,down}_helper()
8: x86: don't include domctl and alike in shim-exclusive builds




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