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Re: OpenSUSE and Xen

On 15.07.20 19:16, peter.jac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

I have a question from all Xen Project developers and users.

What? Not from me. ;-)

Is OpenSUSE supporting Xen Project?

Why do you ask this here, instead of an OpenSUSE list/forum/whatever?

Did anyone install OpenSUSE?

I know several people having done so, yes.

Why OpenSUSE not have any option about installing Xen during installation but have an option about KVM?

Ask OpenSUSE community?

BTW, I'm able to select "Xen Virtualization Host and Tools" from the
"Software" menu when installing openSUSE 15.2. It is even above the
"KVM Virtualization Host and Tools" option.

Why Xen package doesn't included?

They are.




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