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Re: [PATCH for-4.14] golang/xenlight: fix code generation for python 2.6

> Before python 2.7, str.format() calls required that the format fields
> were explicitly enumerated, e.g.:
>   '{0} {1}'.format(foo, bar)
>   vs.
>   '{} {}'.format(foo, bar)
> Currently, gengotypes.py uses the latter pattern everywhere, which means
> the Go bindings do not build on python 2.6. Use the 2.6 syntax for
> format() in order to support python 2.6 for now.
> Signed-off-by: Nick Rosbrook <rosbrookn@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

I should add that I tested this with CONTAINER=centos6
./automation/scripts/containerize for python 2.6, and on my ubuntu
system with both python 2.7 and 3.6.




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