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Re: Re: [Xen-devel] Xen Solaris support still required? Illumos/Dilos Xen

On 05.12.16 06:32, Juergen Gross wrote:
On 04/12/16 18:11, Igor Kozhukhov wrote:
Hi Pasi,

i’m using both addresses, but probably @gmale missed some emails with

About DilOS + Xen.

i’m using xen-3.4 - old version what i backported to DilOS based on old
opensolaris varsion and upadted it to use python2.7 and some others zfs
updates - more updates :)
i tried to port Xen-4.3, but not finished it yet because i have no found
sponsors and i have been moved to some aonther job without DilOS/illumos
try to do it by free time was/is overhead.

i have plans try to return back and look at latest Xen.

right now i try to move DilOS bulid env to use more Debian style build
env and to use gcc-5.4 as primary compiler.
Also, i have SPARC support with DilOS and it eat some additional free time.
please do not drop solaris support :) - i’ll use and update it soon -
probably on next year.

Got it. Thanks for the note and good luck for the port!

As a followup after nearly 4 years:

It seems nothing has happened, and Solaris specific coding in Xen is
bit-rotting further. Last example is xenstored, which lost an interface
mandatory for Solaris about 1 year ago (nobody noticed, as Solaris
specific parts are neither built nor tested).

I stumbled over this one as I did some reorg of the Xen libraries and
checked all the dependencies between those.

I think at least the no longer working Solaris stuff in xenstored should
be removed now (in theory it would still be possible to use xenstore-
stubdom in Solaris), but I honestly think all the other Solaris cruft in
Xen tools should go away, too, in case nobody is really showing some
interest in it (e.g. by doing some basic build tests and maybe a small
functional test for each release of Xen).

So how does the realistic future of a Solaris dom0 look like? Is there
a non-neglectable chance it will be revived in the near future, or can
we remove the Solaris abstractions?




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