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Re: [PATCH v9 1/8] xen/common: introduce a new framework for save/restore of 'domain' context

On 24/09/2020 14:10, Paul Durrant wrote:
> +/*
> + * The 'dry_run' flag indicates that the caller of domain_save() (see below)
> + * is not trying to actually acquire the data, only the size of the data.
> + * The save handler can therefore limit work to only that which is necessary
> + * to call domain_save_data() the correct number of times with accurate 
> values
> + * for 'len'.
> + */
> +typedef int (*domain_save_handler)(const struct domain *d,
> +                                   struct domain_context *c,
> +                                   bool dry_run);

Sorry - missed this the first time around.  This cannot take a const domain.

Doing so prevents putting (amongst other things), event channel details
into the stream, because you won't be able to take the domain's event
lock, and having the domain paused isn't good enough protection.

Removing this const will reduce the churn in subsequent patches somewhat.




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