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Re: [OSSTEST PATCH 00/82] Reuse test hosts

Ian Jackson writes ("[OSSTEST PATCH 00/82] Reuse test hosts"):
> This series arranges to save on host setup by reusing a test host, if
> the previous test passed.  Care is taken to make sure that a host is
> only reused in this way if the new test would have set it up
> identically.
> I have had this branch in preparation since November 2017...

Many of the earlier commits in this series had my Citrix address as
the author.  My setup was not configured to deliver these mails
correctly (ie, via the Citrix mail servers), so those messages will
generally have been blocked as spam.  Additionally, even the mails
which were From: iwj@xenproject were delivered via my colo mail server
which is not really right.  So some of those might also get blocked.

I don't propose to resend the mailbomb.  You can find the complete
series here:

It's in osstest pretest now.




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