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Re: XSM and the idle domain

On Thu, 2020-10-22 at 13:51 +0100, Andrew Cooper wrote:
> On 21/10/2020 15:34, Hongyan Xia wrote:
> > The first question came up during ongoing work in LiveUpdate. After
> > an
> > LU, the next Xen needs to restore all domains. To do that, some
> > hypercalls need to be issued from the idle domain context and
> > apparently XSM does not like it.
> There is no such thing as issuing hypercalls from the idle domain
> (context or otherwise), because the idle domain does not have enough
> associated guest state for anything to make the requisite
> I presume from this comment that what you mean is that you're calling
> the plain hypercall functions, context checks and everything, from
> the
> idle context?

Yep, the restore code just calls the hypercall functions from idle

> If so, this is buggy for more reasons than just XSM objecting to its
> calling context, and that XSM is merely the first thing to explode. 
> Therefore, I don't think modifications to XSM are applicable to
> solving
> the problem.
> (Of course, this is all speculation because there's no concrete
> implementation to look at.)

Another explosion is the inability to create hypercall preemption,
which for now is disabled when the calling context is the idle domain. 
Apart from XSM and preemption, the LU prototype works fine. We only
reuse a limited number of hypercall functions and are not trying to be
able to call all possible hypercalls from idle.

Having a dedicated domLU just like domB (or reusing domB) sounds like a
viable option. If the overhead can be made low enough then we won't
need to work around XSM and hypercall preemption.

Although the question was whether XSM should interact with the idle
domain. With a good design LU should be able to sidestep this though.




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