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[PATCH v2 0/2] a tiny bit of header disentangling

While reviewing Hongyan's "x86/vmap: handle superpages in
vmap_to_mfn()" it became apparent that the interaction of
xen/mm.h and asm/page.h is problematic. Therefore some basic
page size related definitions get moved out of the latter, and
the mfn_t et al ones out of the former, each into new headers.

While various configurations build fine for me with these
changes in place, it's relatively likely that this may break
some more exotic ones. Such breakage ought to be easy to
resolve, so I hope this risk isn't going to be a hindrance of
the changes here going in.

1: include: don't use asm/page.h from common headers
2: mm: split out mfn_t / gfn_t / pfn_t definitions and helpers




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