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Re: [PATCH V4 00/24] IOREQ feature (+ virtio-mmio) on Arm

On 14.01.21 18:11, Ian Jackson wrote:

Hi Ian

Hi, thanks for giving this update.

Since you were the only person who took the time to send such an
update I feel I can spend some time on trying to help with any
obstacles you may face.

Thank you.

Hence this enquiry:

Oleksandr writes ("Re: [ANNOUNCE] Xen 4.15 release schedule and feature 
I work on virtio-mmio on Arm which involves x86's IOREQ/DM features.
Currently I am working on making the said features common, implementing
missing bits, code cleanup an hardening, etc.
I don't think the virtio-mmio is a 4.15 material, but it would be great
have at least "common" IOREQ/DM in 4.15.
P: your current estimate of the probability it making 4.15, as a %age
Difficult to say, it depends ...
RFC was posted Aug 3, 2020, The last posted version is V3. Currently I
am in the middle of preparing v4, still need to find a common ground for
few bits.
So, I'm replying to V4 here.  Did you resolve your issues ?

I think, yes. I hope, I addressed all review сomments/requests for V3.

What are the major outstanding risks to this series and do you need
any help from the Xen Project (eg from me as Release Manager) ?

I would like to get the review for V4 for me to be able to make the required changes in time. Last 2 patches could be skipped for now, I don't expect the VirtIO to be in 4.15
(I keep these patches for visibility reason and test purposes):
- libxl: Introduce basic virtio-mmio support on Arm
- [RFC] libxl: Add support for virtio-disk configuration
But, first 22 patches (IOREQ/DM) I would like to see in 4.15.

Also what worries me the most is that a quite big series hasn't been fully tested on x86 (only build tested).

NB I have not been following this series in detail - I'm just looking
at your mail and your 00/ posting and so on.  So if there is some
blocker or risk I am probably unaware of it.

I notice that there's one libxl RFC patch in there.  Since that's in
my bailiwick I will try to review it soon.
Thank you, please note, this RFC patch is not a target for 4.15, no rush)
For the next version I will drop these VirtIO related patches.


Oleksandr Tyshchenko



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