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Re: [ANNOUNCE] Xen 4.15 release schedule and feature tracking

On 15/01/2021 09:57, Jan Beulich wrote:
On 14.01.2021 20:02, Andrew Cooper wrote:

1) HPET/PIT issue on newer Intel systems.  This has had literally tens
of reports across the devel and users mailing lists, and prevents Xen
from booting at all on the past two generations of Intel laptop.  I've
finally got a repro and posted a fix to the list, but still in progress.

2) "scheduler broken" bugs.  We've had 4 or 5 reports of Xen not
working, and very little investigation on whats going on.  Suspicion is
that there might be two bugs, one with smt=0 on recent AMD hardware, and
one more general "some workloads cause negative credit" and might or
might not be specific to credit2 (debugging feedback differs - also
might be 3 underlying issue).

All of these have had repeated bug reports.  I'd classify them as
blockers, given the impact they're having on people.

3) Fallout from MSR handling behavioral change.

4) Use-after-free in the IOMMU code (this should be a blocker).

See  "xen/iommu: Collection of bug fixes for IOMMU teadorwn"




Julien Grall



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