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Re: zstd compressed kernels

On 24.11.2020 00:01, Michael Young wrote:
> On Tue, 17 Nov 2020, Andrew Cooper wrote:
>> If you're willing to have a go:
>> For dom0 support, port Linux's decompressor into xen/common/ and plumb
>> it into xen/common/decompress.c
>> For domU's, tools/libs/guest/xg_dom_bzimageloader.c and
>> xc_dom_probe_bzimage_kernel()
> Here is what I have so far. It works for me with a dom0 boot, though only 
> after I reduced the the setting of the maximum decompressed size (out_len) 
> from LONG_MAX to INT_MAX. The patches aren't intended to be final, and I 
> suspect there may need to be adjustments for guest support.

As you will have seen, I've posted a series apparently doing this a
little differently, in particular without said LONG_MAX -> INT_MAX
transformation. While it works fine this way for me, it would be
nice if you could double check it also does for you.




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