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Re: [PATCH V4 09/24] xen/ioreq: Make x86's IOREQ related dm-op handling common

On 21.01.21 12:27, Jan Beulich wrote:

Hi Jan

On 21.01.2021 11:23, Oleksandr wrote:
I would like to clarify regarding do_dm_op() which is identical for both
arches and could *probably* be moved to the common code (we can return
common dm.c back to put it there) and make dm_op() global.
Would you/Paul be happy with that change? Or there are some reasons
(which we are not aware of yet) for not doing it this way?
Probably reasonable to do; the only reason not to that I
could see is that then dm_op() has to become non-static.
Thank you for the clarification. So I will make this change for V5 if no objections during these days.
I am going to leave your ack, please let me know if you think otherwise.


Oleksandr Tyshchenko



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