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Re: [PATCH V4 16/24] xen/mm: Handle properly reference in set_foreign_p2m_entry() on Arm

On 12.01.2021 22:52, Oleksandr Tyshchenko wrote:
> From: Oleksandr Tyshchenko <oleksandr_tyshchenko@xxxxxxxx>
> This patch implements reference counting of foreign entries in
> in set_foreign_p2m_entry() on Arm. This is a mandatory action if
> we want to run emulator (IOREQ server) in other than dom0 domain,
> as we can't trust it to do the right thing if it is not running
> in dom0. So we need to grab a reference on the page to avoid it
> disappearing.
> It is valid to always pass "p2m_map_foreign_rw" type to
> guest_physmap_add_entry() since the current and foreign domains
> would be always different. A case when they are equal would be
> rejected by rcu_lock_remote_domain_by_id(). Besides the similar
> comment in the code put a respective ASSERT() to catch incorrect
> usage in future.
> It was tested with IOREQ feature to confirm that all the pages given
> to this function belong to a domain, so we can use the same approach
> as for XENMAPSPACE_gmfn_foreign handling in xenmem_add_to_physmap_one().
> This involves adding an extra parameter for the foreign domain to
> set_foreign_p2m_entry() and a helper to indicate whether the arch
> supports the reference counting of foreign entries and the restriction
> for the hardware domain in the common code can be skipped for it.
> Signed-off-by: Oleksandr Tyshchenko <oleksandr_tyshchenko@xxxxxxxx>
> CC: Julien Grall <julien.grall@xxxxxxx>
> [On Arm only]
> Tested-by: Wei Chen <Wei.Chen@xxxxxxx>

In principle x86 parts
Reviewed-by: Jan Beulich <jbeulich@xxxxxxxx>
However, being a maintainer of ...

> --- a/xen/include/asm-x86/p2m.h
> +++ b/xen/include/asm-x86/p2m.h
> @@ -382,6 +382,22 @@ struct p2m_domain {
>  #endif
>  #include <xen/p2m-common.h>
> +static inline bool arch_acquire_resource_check(struct domain *d)
> +{
> +    /*
> +     * The reference counting of foreign entries in set_foreign_p2m_entry()
> +     * is not supported for translated domains on x86.
> +     *
> +     * FIXME: Until foreign pages inserted into the P2M are properly
> +     * reference counted, it is unsafe to allow mapping of
> +     * resource pages unless the caller is the hardware domain.
> +     */
> +    if ( paging_mode_translate(d) && !is_hardware_domain(d) )
> +        return false;
> +
> +    return true;
> +}

... this code, I'd like to ask that such constructs be avoided
and this be a single return statement:

    return !paging_mode_translate(d) || is_hardware_domain(d);

I also think you may want to consider dropping the initial
"The" from the comment. I'm further unconvinced "foreign
entries" needs saying when set_foreign_p2m_entry() deals with
exclusively such. In the end the original comment moved here
would probably suffice, no need for any more additions than
perhaps a simple "(see set_foreign_p2m_entry())".




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