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Re: Null scheduler and vwfi native problem

On Fri, 2021-01-22 at 09:06 +0100, Anders Törnqvist wrote:
> On 1/22/21 12:35 AM, Dario Faggioli wrote:
> - booting with "sched=null" but not with "vwfi=native"
> Without "vwfi=native" it works fine to destroy and to re-create the
> domain.
> Both printouts comes after a destroy:
> (XEN) End of domain_destroy function
> (XEN) End of complete_domain_destroy function
Ok, thanks for doing these tests.

The fact that not using "vwfi=native" makes things work, seem to point
in the direction that myself and Julien (and you as well!) were
suspecting. I.e., it is the same issue than the one in the old xen-
devel thread.

I'm still a but puzzled why the debug patch posted back then does not
work for you... but that's not really super important. Let's try to
come up with a new debug patch and, this time, a proper fix. :-)

Dario Faggioli, Ph.D
Virtualization Software Engineer
SUSE Labs, SUSE https://www.suse.com/
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