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Re: Question about xen and Rasp 4B


On 30/01/2021 13:44, Jukka Kaartinen wrote:

On 30.1.2021 3.42, Stefano Stabellini wrote:
On Wed, 27 Jan 2021, Stefano Stabellini wrote:
FYI I have just ordered a micro HDMI cable so I might be able to provide
more useful feedback in the following days.

What did you use to setup the graphic environment? Is it Ubuntu or
Raspbian? I am having issues setting up a distro with a "startx" that

I'm using Ubuntu mate. Plain Ubuntu seemed to be quite slow.
Btw. we noticed that cpufreq stays at 600MHz if it is not forced from the config.txt


This kernel trace might be related.
[    0.746502] cpufreq-dt cpufreq-dt: failed register driver: -19

This is normal, Dom0 doesn't see the physical CPUs, instead they are all virtual and /cpus is recreated.

For a proper solution, either dom0 would need to be modified to understandn the different between vCPUs and pCPUs or we will want to implement the CPUFreq in Xen.

It might be possible to have a simpler solution on some setup (for instance if you have each pCPU dedicated to a single vCPU).


Julien Grall



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