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Re: [PATCH v3 2/5] xen/x86: manually build xen.mb.efi binary


I mulled over your feedback and I think I can now see your reservations
with this series.

I'm wondering if the long-term goal of using the xen mb1/mb2 binary as the
basis for creating a EFI loadable mb1/mb2 payload is actually the wrong

After all, I do not see a feasible way to maintain the comprehensive
sectioning, the proper reloc table, the proper debug directory, etc...
that is found in the current xen.efi using the approach in this series,
which would mean maintaining a third binary forever.

What is your intuition WRT the idea that instead of trying add a PE/COFF hdr
in front of Xen's mb2 bin, we instead go the route of introducing valid mb2
entry points into xen.efi?

At the end of the day, our goal is just to have a binary that meets these

* Is verifiable with shim (PE/COFF)
* May boot on BIOS platforms via grub2
* May boot on EFI platforms via grub2 or EFI loader


Bobby Eshleman
SE at Vates SAS



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