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Re: Discussion of Xenheap problems on AArch64

Hi Henry,

On 07/05/2021 05:06, Henry Wang wrote:
From: Julien Grall <julien@xxxxxxx>
On 28/04/2021 10:28, Henry Wang wrote:
Hi Julien,

Hi Henry,

I've done some test about the patch series in

Thanks you for the testing. Some questions below.

I am a bit confused with the output with and without my patches. Both of
them are showing a data abort in clear_page().

Above, you suggested that there is a big gap between the two memory
banks. Are the banks still point to actual RAM?

Another sorry for the very late reply, we had a 5 day public holiday in
China and it also took me some time to figure out how to configure the
FVP (it turned out I have to set -C bp.secure_memory=false to access
some parts of memory higher than 4G).

No worries. I never tried to tweak the memory layout on the FVP before. It is good to know it can be done to properly test memory issue :).


when I continue booting Xen, I got following error log:

(XEN) CPU:    0
(XEN) PC:     00000000002b5a5c alloc_boot_pages+0x94/0x98
(XEN) LR:     00000000002ca3bc
(XEN) SP:     00000000002ffde0
(XEN) CPSR:   600003c9 MODE:64-bit EL2h (Hypervisor, handler)
(XEN)   VTCR_EL2: 80000000
(XEN)  VTTBR_EL2: 0000000000000000
(XEN)  SCTLR_EL2: 30cd183d
(XEN)    HCR_EL2: 0000000000000038
(XEN)  TTBR0_EL2: 000000008413c000
(XEN)    ESR_EL2: f2000001
(XEN)  HPFAR_EL2: 0000000000000000
(XEN)    FAR_EL2: 0000000000000000
(XEN) Xen call trace:
(XEN)    [<00000000002b5a5c>] alloc_boot_pages+0x94/0x98 (PC)
(XEN)    [<00000000002ca3bc>] setup_frametable_mappings+0xa4/0x108 (LR)
(XEN)    [<00000000002ca3bc>] setup_frametable_mappings+0xa4/0x108
(XEN)    [<00000000002cb988>] start_xen+0x344/0xbcc
(XEN)    [<00000000002001c0>] arm64/head.o#primary_switched+0x10/0x30
(XEN) ****************************************
(XEN) Panic on CPU 0:
(XEN) Xen BUG at page_alloc.c:432
(XEN) ****************************************

This is happening without my patch series applied, right? If so, what happen if you apply it?


Julien Grall



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