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Re: [PATCH RFCv2 03/15] xen/arm: p2m: Replace level_{orders, masks} arrays with LEVEL_{ORDER, MASK}

Hi Stefano,

On 11/05/2021 23:33, Stefano Stabellini wrote:
On Sun, 25 Apr 2021, Julien Grall wrote:
From: Julien Grall <jgrall@xxxxxxxxxx>

The array level_orders and level_masks can be replaced with the
recently introduced macros LEVEL_ORDER and LEVEL_MASK.

Signed-off-by: Julien Grall <jgrall@xxxxxxxxxx>

So you actually planned to use LEVEL_ORDER and LEVEL_MASK in the xen/
code. I take back the previous comment :-)

Is the 4KB size "hiding" (for the lack of a better word) done on purpose?

Let me rephrase. Are you trying to consolidate info about pages being
4KB in xen/include/asm-arm/lpae.h ?

THIRD_ORDER, SECOND_ORDER... is already not very 4KB specific :). In this case, what I am trying to do is completely removing the static arrays so they don't need to be global (or duplicated) when adding superpage support for Xen PT (see a follow-up patch).

This also has the added benefits to replace a with a couple of loads with only a few instructions working on immediates.

In any case:

Acked-by: Stefano Stabellini <sstabellini@xxxxxxxxxx>

Thank you!


Julien Grall



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