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[RESEND PATCH 00/12] golang/xenlight: domain life cycle support

The primary goal of this patch series is to allow users of the xenlight
package to manage a full domain life cycle. In particular, it provides
support for receiving domain death events so that domain shutdown,
reboot, destroy, etc. can be handled. And, it addresses issues found
when using the package to boot domains with various configurations.

These patches address several things (e.g. bug fixes, code style,
conveniences, new wrapper functions), but are all work towards the final
goal of allowing a package user to manage a full domain life cycle.

Nick Rosbrook (12):
  golang/xenlight: update generated code
  golang/xenlight: fix StringList toC conversion
  golang/xenlight: fix string conversion in generated toC functions
  golang/xenlight: export keyed union interface types
  golang/xenlight: use struct pointers in keyed union fields
  golang/xenlight: rename Ctx receivers to ctx
  golang/xenlight: add logging conveniences for within xenlight
  golang/xenlight: add functional options to configure Context
  golang/xenlight: add DomainDestroy wrapper
  golang/xenlight: add SendTrigger wrapper
  golang/xenlight: do not negate ret when converting to Error
  golang/xenlight: add NotifyDomainDeath method to Context

 tools/golang/xenlight/gengotypes.py  |  11 +-
 tools/golang/xenlight/helpers.gen.go | 210 ++++++++++++--
 tools/golang/xenlight/types.gen.go   |  63 +++--
 tools/golang/xenlight/xenlight.go    | 398 ++++++++++++++++++++-------
 4 files changed, 521 insertions(+), 161 deletions(-)




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