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Re: IRC networks

George Dunlap writes ("Re: IRC networks"):
> Thanks, Ian.  I tend to agree with the recommendation.  I think unless 
> someone wants to argue that we go to libera (or stick with freenode), we 
> should go with that option.  
> Normally for a decision like this we’d wait 2 weeks for counter-arguments 
> before making it official.  Does anyone want to argue that we should move up 
> the timetable for some reason?
> I’ve registered #xendevel on oftc; I’d encourage early adopters to give it a 
> try.

Recent behaviour by the new de facto operators of Freenode has been
quite egregious.  In particular, it is now against the rules to set
your topic to direct your users to libera.chat, the replacement set up
by the resigning Freenode staff.  The server operators have been
taking opver channels where the project are trying to migrate.  (I
think that probably applies to OFTC too.)

Also, the new de facto operators of Freeonode are using user count to
justify their behaviour.

I am not prepared to be counted as a user of these terrible people,
and used by them to justify their awful actions.  I will be
disconnecting from Freenode as soon as I have sent a message to this
effect to all the Xen-related channels.

I appreciately that making this decision unilaterally for myself in
this wa might be seen as jumping the gun on the commkunity decision

But I am not prepared to wait any longer.  Sorry.




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